Our Purpose

Our skin is central to our lives. Everyone is unique and because of this our aim is to deliver holistic care for all dermatology conditions, online and in clinic.

What Makes Us Different?

We use the latest scientific evidence to provide a holistic and personal approach. Your care plan is formulated by specialists. Dermatology is the specialised study of skin, hair and nails and there are over 2000 skin conditions to learn about!

Our Online Services

Skin Assist is made up of dedicated dermatology practitioners who have specialist training in Dermatology, providing the latest research based care plans, led by Dr Anita Amin, a consultant dermatologist, recognised as a specialist consultant dermatologist by the GMC who also runs a busy NHS dermatology clinic.

Our Story

Skin Assist was set up by Dr Anita Amin, a UK-trained consultant dermatologist. It is the next step in her goal to provide patients with quicker access to skin specialist services, having provided digital consultation services since 2019. With patients waiting increasingly long times (sometimes many months) for diagnoses for skin problems, Dr Amin wants to streamline not only access to services, but easier monitoring, quicker triage and eventually, diagnosis. Using images collected through the service, Dr Amin aims to contribute to an image dataset that can train AI to recognise characteristics of potentially cancerous moles and lesions. Through using Skin Assist, patients can contribute to creating this technology to advance dermatology services and the field more broadly.